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2015-03-24 06:08

Here is a thread of chat. It does not matter in
Greetings only. If you have that you want to
talk please feel free.



Graphicker Admin [Show original]
2015-03-24 06:16

Community features have been added!
I think there is a place that does not lead still, but to enjoy it so will continue to improve in the future!


2015-03-31 08:50

Hello...anyone home?


Graphicker Admin [Show original]
2015-04-07 07:33

I was rude will reply late!
status quo will think not stay much better being viewed, but I'm going to invite the participants as you are able to participate in those of many more in the future.
community is also so, but I am would like to continue to be more activated this service.
also, today also performed the upgrade of community functions, deputy curator of features have been added. Since
will the future to upgrade the more and more features, feel free please If you have any requests, etc.!