Share yourself with other graphickers !

Share yourself with other graphickers !


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  2. Share yourself with other graphickers ! Share yourself with other graphickers !
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  • q12
    Q12 0 [Show original]

    2017-03-19 09:33

    I am an Illustrator;
    see my stuff here:

  • October Geek
    Hello .. New Here 0

    2017-03-03 06:58

    I am student who is aspiring to become a part of the game industry as a CG Artist,Animator, and othe ...

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  • ocetee
    Hello 0

    2017-03-01 19:45

    Hello Everyone!
    I'm Ocetee and I'm an Illustrator. Nice to Meet you all!

  • Angellehmann
    3D Character / Graphic Designer 0

    2017-02-27 14:33

    Good day all,

    Like to introduce myself. I am Angel Lehmann from GRFX.CO.ZA. I do most things 3D, ...

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  • Datoba
    Hello from Dominican Republic 0

    2017-02-25 13:13

    My name is Jose Daniel, just joined today as you can see, hope we all get help each other out when i ...

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  • stourangeau
    Hello All Just Joined Today 0

    2017-02-24 17:19

    Hey all I just joined today my name is Sean Tourangeau and I am a Illustrator/Concept Artist looking ...

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  • Tyrannohotep
    Tyrannohotep says hello! 0

    2017-02-22 17:44

    I'm a visual artist from San Diego, CA, whose favorite subject matter includes dinosaurs, ancient hi ...

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  • Sonia Bennett
    Hey!! 1

    2017-02-21 06:51

    hey everyone! I'm Sonia. Just joined today! Feel free to check out my work. I am so inspired ...

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  • TurlerChan
    Hello~ 0

    2017-02-20 01:22

    Hi, I'm TurtlerCHan; a UK based learning artist. I recently finished art and design in college, but ...

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  • DudeUnderscore
    Hello, I am dudeunderscore 0

    2017-02-02 09:20

    Hello there, I'm Dudeunderscore.
    I am a freelance 2D Artist/concept artist

    Recent graduate of 4 ...

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