Share yourself with other graphickers !

Share yourself with other graphickers !


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  • sarafallenscilla
    Freelance illustrator, painter designer 0

    2017-12-06 21:14

    Helloo, my name is Sara,i'm a 2D artist based in Croatia and I'm looking for job here. I'm very good ...

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  • J.K.Ferguson
    Freelance artist, illustrator 0

    2017-11-29 06:59

    Greetings creative people,

    Australian living in Japan.

    Have a wonderful day, where ever you ar ...

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  • Rastislav Le
    Game illustrator 0

    2017-11-11 00:08

    Hello fellow artists!
    My name is Rastislav Le, Im from Slovakia and I love painting fantasy stuff.

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  • Sergio Geronimo
    Hi there!! 0

    2017-11-08 03:32

    Hi, I'm Sergio Geronimo, i'm a mexican artists who loves anime and manga. Here's an own work, hope y ...

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  • Faust'sSoul
    Hi I'm Faust! 0

    2017-10-13 02:07

    Hi! I'm new here and I hope to know people and make friends!

    I'm looking to work on a videogame p ...

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  • Xenos Shade
    New 0

    2017-10-08 04:43

    Salutations, I am a fellow artist that does basically a little bit of everything and eventually I wi ...

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  • Blazing Brushstrokes
    Freelance artist 0

    2017-10-07 01:02

    Hi, my name Dee and I'm a freelancer that does digital art and likes to practice animation. You can ...

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  • misoprince
    Small Art Tribe 0

    2017-09-17 18:50

    hello, I'm No'ah, and I'm a leader on a small, close knit coalition of artists (of all levels and me ...

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  • britishmoron
    Illustrator / Concept Artist and Games Designer 0

    2017-08-29 05:11

    Hi! I'm new to graphicker I only got my invite about an hour ago. I'm Miles I'm in my second year of ...

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  • Peskygiraffe
    New here! Graphics and 3D Materials 0

    2017-08-24 14:13

    Hello everyone, I just learned of this site and I am excited to join the community. My name is Micha ...

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