Privacy Policy

In this privacy policy (the Policy), we KK Kirarito (we) will state about the personal information of users in the service we provide (our service) as follows;

1. Collecting personal information
  In the Policy, personal information is the information to identify a user (you), the history of action via communication service, the information of user and the user's device on other user's devices such as PCs etc, the collections that we collect based on the Policy.
  In our service, the personal information we collect in the policy will be as follows:

(1) The information we collect from you when you use our service is as follows;
  Full name
  Email address
  Date of birth
  Other information that you provide through the input form that we create

(2) Information that other service provide in usage of our service by approving cooperation with the other service
  When you use our service and approve the cooperation with other service such as social network service, we collect the following information from the other service base on the agreement you have approved;
    ID that you use in the other service
    Information that you let the other service disclose based on the privacy setting you have made

(3) Information we collect when you use our service
  We may collect information in regards of access status or usage of our service which are including the followings;
    Device information
    Log information
    Cookie or anonymous ID

2. Usage purpose
  2-1. User information may be used to provide our service following 2-2 and for other purposes following 2-3:
  2-2. We may use user information to provide our services are following purposes:
    (1) To register for our service, to proof of your identity, to calculate service fee that you use, to provide, maintain, protect and improve our service such as storage service etc
    (2) To guide and respond to enquiries in regards of our service
    (3) To respond to breach of the regulations and policies (Regulations)
    (4) To notify changes of regulations in regards of our service
    (5) To use for pertaining usage purposes mentioned above
  2-3. The other usage purposes from 2-2 are following:
    (1) To let users communicate each other
    (2) To notify from our service

3. Methods of obtaining notification, publication, agreement, requesting deactivate
  3-1. We will request your agreement when we collect the following user information:
    (1) Device information
    (2)Location information
  3-2. By setting in predetermined setting function of our service, you may be able to enquire cancellation of the whole or a part of your user information. In this case, we will immediately cancel the usage by following our rules. Also some entries require the collection of your user information, so when you deactivate our service by following our rules and method, we will cancel collection.

4. Provide to third party
  In regards of user information, we will not provide personal information without your agreement unless the need of closure by following Private Information Protection Law except following cases;
    (1) In case we outsource in whole or part of manage the private information to achieve your usage
    (2) In case we transfer personal information because of amalgamation or other reason
    (3) In case national authority or local government or the group who is authorized to follow the duty of compliance with regulations and taking your agreement may bother
    (4) In case of other approvals by Private Information Protection Law or other regulations

5. Disclosure of private information
  When we are requested for disclosure of private information by following Private Information Protection Law, we will disclose the private information by confirming that the request is from yourself, provided, however, that if we are not liable for disclosure. In regards of disclosure of private information, please understand that we will collect 1000 JPY.

6. Amendment personal information and cancellation of usage
  6-1. In case we decided not to amend or suspend the usage by legitimate reason, we will notify you about it.
  6-2. In case we are requested to delete your private information from you and decide to respond to it, we will delete the private information by confirming that the request comes from yourself and notify you.
  6-3. In case we are not liable by following Private Information Law, 6-2 will not apply.

7. Contact
  If you have any questions about this privacy policy or treatment of your personal information, please contact us via enquiry form.